WE ARE NIBORA. An agency of the arts, communication and marketing in movement. Created by active agents in migrante cultural collectives, professionals in the business, artistic and in partnership with legal professionals, NIBORA was born as an expression of the "NOW". NIBORA creates the link for communities to access eachother and share. Power. 

The cultural syncretism driven by NIBORA crosses borders, creates unique identifications in the imagination of those who come to meet our content.

Here at NIBORA you will find everything that an international marketing company executes, we create your marketing strategy starting from the understanding of the impact message to your specific audience, till the development of advertising pieces for physical and virtual dissemination.


But, what NIBORA does like nobody else, is to cause projects of cultural reframing. We believe that the reconstruction of memory is a heritage of human kind and should not be erased. We fight so that these memories can be implicated in the current perception migrating from the repressed to the current consciousness, bringing to light asleep affections.

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